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China South Publishing & Media Group has
1 Company engaged in digital publication, that is, Tianwen Digital Media Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd..

With an total investment of RMB 320 million from China South Publishing & Media Group and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Tianwen Digital Media Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. prioritizes on the markets of digital education, digital reading for mass market as well as learning service for governments and enterprises.With regard to digital education, a strategic cooperation on constructing an innovative teaching platform and e-schoolbag application system with integration of triple-networks (which refers to telecom, TV broadcasting and Internet) has been reached with China Broadcast Corporation(“CBC”) . Their collaboration also contains the development and product trial of the e-schoolbag in the test area, with which the test area would be constructed into a national demonstration base.

In regards to popular reading, Tianwen Digital Media is making effort to establish the China South Digital Resource Archive. It also developed good relationships with the mobile reading bases of China’s three main telecommunications operators and secured the first place in the China mobile reading base’s MCP ranking among all the traditional publishing groups(and companies).

As for learning service for governments and enterprises, Tianwen Digital Media has secured orders worth over ten million yuan. The company has also been appointed as deputy leader of national ebook content standards program, where the company operated several major national scientific research subjects and participated in the development of ebook standards system.