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China South Publishing & Media Group owns
4 distribution companies:
namely Hunan Xinhua Bookstore Co., Ltd.,
Hunan New Teaching Material Co., Ltd.,
Hunan Jia Hui Education Book Publishing Ltd.,
Hunan Joint Education Publication Distribution Co., Ltd.

Inside Hunan Province, with Hunan Xinhua Bookstore Co., the main body, China South Publishing & Media Group has built a massive chain operation platform and logistics network covering the whole provincial market, making Hunan Xinhua Bookstore the largest chain operation company for publications and stationery commodities in Hunan and Top 6in this regard in China.Outside Hunan Province, with Hunan New Teaching Material Co., Ltd. as the main body, the Group has been promoting the cross-regional operation and established a provincial distribution platform covering the whole Chinese market. With great effort, the textbooks published by China South Publishing&Media Group have been distributed in27 provinces(municipalities/ autonomous regions) in China. The Group ranks Top 1 in regards to market share, sales revenue and profits among local publishing groups in China.