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China South Publishing & Media Group possesses
1 printing company (Hunan Tianwen Xinhua Printing Group Co., Ltd.)
1 printing material supplying company (Hunan Printing Materials Co., Ltd.).

Hunan Tianwen Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd. mainly operates publications printing, newspapers printing, package printing, bill and receipts printing, anti-counterfeit printing, digital printing and imposition printing, etc. With the successful acquisition ofKaiji Printing(Shanghai)Co., Ltd., Hunan Tianwen Xinhua Printing keeps upgrading its printing technique and developing new business patterns such as environmental-friendly printing and digital quick printing. It has been working on building national green printing base, and has obtained honorary titles like “China’s First Batch of Green Printing Enterprise” and “The Model Printing Company” in Hunan Province. The overall strength of the company ranks first among all the Xinhua Printing corporations and 26th place among all the domestic printing companies.Hunan Province Printing Materials Co., Ltd is the largest printing materials supplier, with an annual output reaching RMB 900 million.