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CNS introduces the biggest online license platform in the world

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At 18:30 on March 3, the signing ceremony on the cooperation of IPR License Limited (IPR License hereinafter) between CNS and FBF is held in Intercontinental Hotel at Beijing. By acquiring shares, CNS officially becomes a shareholder of IPR License, and introduces its online licensing platform into China, which makes up the blank in China’s publishing circle in this regard.

IPR License is co-invested by FBF and CCC. IPR online licensing platform(the platform hereinafter), affiliated to IPR License, is the first global resource base and trading site in publishing industry. It serves as an exhibition and online trading center for content providers and publishers across the world.

At present, the platform has attracted over 30 thousand users from 201 countries with more than 100 thousand books and 3.3 million articles being exhibited online. These contents are classified in 172 different categories such as science and technology, economy, education, literature and art. And mainstream markets as U.S., U.K., Germany and Canada are covered.

Juergen Boos, Chairman of FBF, Thomas Minkus, Vice Chairman of FBF and President of IPR License, and Gong Shuguang, Chairman of CNS signed the cooperative agreements together.

At the ceremony, Thomas Minkus reviewed the in-depth exchange and communications on this project between each other since last June. Juergen Boos expressed his strong confidence on the further expansion of the platform. He said, the joining of CNS would open a new chapter for the platform in Asian market.

Gong Shuguang mentioned that this project was one concrete measure under the cooperative framework signed by both sides in 2012. He said, from FBF, a global eye-catcher in book industry, I saw their respect for civilization and friendship. And more their

responsibility and service orientation for this industry. Hence, we dare to join hands with them to explore this new yet unfamiliar field for the future.

Gong Shuguang hopes that, on the current foundation, the platform would be developed into a more trusted and convenient one. And CNS will utilize its influence in China and the Chinese language communities in the world to push forward more Chinese language copyright licensing deals done on this platform.