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CNS joins hands with Guo Jingming

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On March 23, a strategic signing ceremony in Beijing symbolizes the launching of CNS’s platform for Comprehensive Copyright Operation. 

On that day, CNS, Shanghai ZUI Cultural Development Co., Ltd. (ZUI in short), and China South Booky Cultural and Media Co., Ltd.(CSBOOKY in short) held a joint press conference for the signing ceremony, when the strategic cooperation was officially announced.

It is known that both parties are willing to conduct deeper cooperation in IP operation, and common development of cultural and media fields besides building a brand for publication on paper.

All possibilities in future cooperation

On the press conference, Guo Jingming declared the first cooperative project between ZUI and CSBOOKY. All four series of his book,Legend of Ravaging Dynasties,will be soon published by CSBOOKY after dramatic revision. Meanwhile, Guo Jingming is directing and performing in the film adaptation of the book.

According to the announcement released by CNS on March 23, within the cooperation, ZUI has authorized CSBOOKY to exclusively publish and issue all the paper books (simplified Chinese version) written by its contracted writers. While CSBOOKY should be responsible for investment, publishing, marketing and distribution affairs. In addition to that, both parties will jointly produce and issue “ZUI Magazine” and other journals.

The limit period of each product’s exclusive publishing and issuance is 5 years since the contract signing day.

Currently, CNS holds 51% of CSBOOKY’s equity. According to open book’s monitoring data by the end of October in 2015, CSBOOKY accounts for 1.73% of the retail market of general books, which is the NO.1 among mass book publishers. The income revenue of CSBOOKY in the first 3 quarters of 2015 amounted to 330 million Yuan, with a profit of 53.5 million Yuan.

On the press conference, Guo Jingming explains his reason for choosing CSBOOKY,”one reason is they are quite powerful in publishing, more because its diversified platforms are more suitable for my development requirements in the next phase.”

Since the establishment of ZUI, Guo Jingming successfully signed and administrated a group of excellent authors and top IP resources, and has become a leading IP concentration and creation base in China. At the same time, CSBOOKY, with forward vision, has successfully created lots of phenomena products, and has been quite actively exploring the possibilities of comprehensive copyright operation and other new business forms.

Therefore, the strategic cooperation is bound to happen. For future plans, Guo Jingming said,” all possibilities exist.”

IP-centered comprehensive copyrights operation platform officially launched

“As for IP, we never feel strange. The core competitive strength of cultural industry is decided by resources development related to stories. Under current circumstances, the value of a company boasting super IP resources is much higher than a traditional resource-oriented company in the cultural industry”, said by Chairman Gong Shuguang during his exclusive interview. Hunan Publishing Investment Holding Group has made it clear that CNS would be the main body to explore and expand in the core field of publication and media through prioritizing the building of aIP-centered comprehensive copyrights operation platform.

“ Regarding to IP industry, we are fully prepared. CSBOOKY has established a new media company, which will be the platform for expansion and crossover of IP on paper to many other medias. At the same time, with the establishment of our own fund company, 500 million Yuan investment of its first stage projects will be partly put into entertainment industry including film and TV series” said Gong Shuguang .

Facing the toughness of IP operation, CNS is quietly watering it with its own resources and capital for blossom. This strategic cooperation will also push its coordination between different media forms and integration of its industries. Hence start its gear on the comprehensive copyright operation chain.

Huang Junqing, General Manager of CSBOOKY, believes that the commercial value of IP can no longer be limited on books. Constant upgrading of the industrial structure, the IP-centered cultural industry chain has developed from merely contents to more fields such as film, cartoon and animation, video games. This is not only a indefinite zooming in of the scale and effects of IP, but also further developing and value adding of its value.

Guo Jingming said,”publishing institutes, as starters of IP, enjoys magnificent advantages. Hence, they should look beyond the value created by publishing books. It’s like an upside down pyramid. The profit of a book is only a spot. But with successful operation of IP, the value and profit could be multiple.