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Five prioritized sectors during the Thirteenth Five Year Plan period

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 Zhu Jiangang, Director General of Hunan Provincial Administration for Press,Publication, Radio, Film and Television at the conference

  Gong Shuguang, Chairman of Hunan Publishing Investment Holding Groupand CNS hosts the conference

On March 28, Hunan Publishing Investment Holding Group held its 2016 General Conference in Changsha. During the conference, the Group clarified its goal during the Thirteenth Five Year Plan period, that is, to become a leading state owned cultural capital operating platform with strong competitiveness in the world. “Culture”and “health” are the cores , and 5 sectors and 8 strategic platforms are the priorities.

Yang Jinyuan, Vice Minister of the Publicity Ministry of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and Deputy Director General of Hunan Provincial Administration for State Owned Cultural Assets, and Zhu Jiangang, Director General of Hunan Provincial Administration for Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television attended the conference. Chairman Gong Shuguang hosted the conference and read Vice Governor Li Youzhi’s comments on the Group’s work, in which he complimented what the Group has achieved last year and expected the Group would focus on innovation, reform, talents and other important aspects, maintain the strong development momentum, and make new contribution to the prosperity of the province and richness of the citizens. Peng Bo, General Manager of the Group delivered the work report.

During the Twelfth Five Year Plan period, the Group realized the fastest economic growth, exerted the largest social influence, achieved the best business transformation and conducted the most efficient corporate administration.

In the future, “culture”and “health”will be the cores of the Group, the following 5 sectors will be the priorities: 1. Publishing and media sector. China South Publishing and Media Group will be the main body in building online platform for education, entertainment, broadcasting and life. 2. Management of assets and properties. Purui Group is the main operator. 3. Real estate development related to cultural industry, mainly operated by BOFO Real Estate Group. 4. Fertility and health care industry. 5. Equity investment. Meanwhile, attention will also be paid to other industries so that new potential sectors and growth point would be found. 

8 strategic platforms are: 1. A platform for utilization of all rights related to IP. Crossover businesses from books to film, television, cartoon and animation can be promoted; 2. A platform for digital education. With a mechanism for sharing educational resources, a B2B2C mode in a new type of educational ecology can be formed; 3. REDNET, covering the Internet, newspaper, mobile, LED and social medias, will create a mainstream new media cluster in accordance with the development trend; 4. A platform for the businesses related to elders. Through activating targeted groups, transformation from a pure newspaper maker for elders to an industry runner can be realized; 5. Outdoor media platforms, using subway medias as main body, resources along the metro line and APP as the carriers, will be developed; 6. A community life service platform depending on Morning Herald new media and its derivative industries should be built. 7. A financial investment platform, through which the Group will be fully involved in Internet finance, concentrate mature resources for fast expansion of its industries. 8. A platform for health care management. By applying the big data on the industrial chains, a lifelong service system can be built.

It is emphasized in the conference that in 2016, the starting year of the Thirteenth Five Year Plan, as a large state owned cultural corporation, Hunan Publishing and Investment Holding Group will firmly follow the path led by the central committee of the CPC, transform and reshape itself in an all round way to a more promising future.