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CNS won “2015 Investors’ Most Respected Listed Company Award”

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On November 27, the ceremony for “2015 Investors’ Most Respected Listed Company Award”, hosted by CAPCO, SIPF, SSE, SZSE,SAC and AMAC, was held in Beijing.Standingout of the 2,700 listed companies in China, CNS won “2015 Investors’ Most Respected Listed Company Award”. There were only 4 companies in cultural and media industry has been awarded.

 Since the award first given in 2014, this event has received lots of attention and broad compliments from supervisory bodies, institutes and individual investors. It is a quite influential and valuable award. Taking governance structure, management of the relations with investors, information disclosure, return to investors of the listed companies as indicators, through recommendations, voting of investors, experts evaluation and other processes in two months, the award winners were finally set. During the voting process, 5,538 individual investors and 569 institutional investors made real-name votes through surveys, and 113 securities companies and 85 public equity fund companies on CAPCO’s website. Besides, voting through wechat app was included this year and attracted about 310 thousand individual investors’ votes.