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A strategic cooperation framework signed between CNS and FBF

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On January 4 (EST), the signing ceremony of a strategic cooperation framework between China South Publishing & Media Group and Frankfurt Book Fair as well as a cooperation agreement betweenPublisherandPublishing Perspectiveswere held in New York city. 

Guests presenting the ceremony were: Zhang Wenxiong, Minister of Hunan Provincial Publicity Department; Zhou Xiang, Vice Minister of Hunan Provincial Publicity Department; Zhu Jiangang, Director of Hunan Provincial Bureau for News, Publication, Broadcasting and Television; Lv Huanbin, President of Hunan Broadcasting System; Gong Shuguang, Chairman of CNS; Ding Shuangping, General Manager of CNS; Chen Xin, Deputy General Manager of CNS; Su Jianke, Proprieter ofPublisher;Juergen Boos, Chairman of FBF, Thomas Minkus, Vice Chairman of FBF, etc.. 

 Frankfurt Book Fair is the largest international book and media fair and the top trade event and cultural communication platform for global publishing industry. China South Publishing & Media Group, as a publishing and media company with the most complete business scope and of largest scale, ranks the seventh in the latest 2015 Top 50 Publishing Company in the World released by Rüdiger Wischenbart.

 As two large bodies in the book field, CNS and FBF have had discussion about cooperation for a long time, and already carried out many specific projects. Since the signing of the framework, the collaboration would be conducted inbroader ranges including building an influence evaluation system for books around the world, online trade of copyrights, capital cooperation, and building higher level platform for communications between publishers. 

What’s worth to mention is that the cooperation is a powerful alliance because CNS enjoys abundant publishing resources while FBF enjoys broad markets. Since Chinese government has been promoting the One Belt and One Road Initiative, both sides would be devoted to foster and create the overseas promotion platforms for Chinese books and an evaluation system for copyright trade so as to realize win-win cooperation.

The cooperation agreement signedbetweenPublisher(a magazine of CNS) andPublishing Prospect(a magazine of FBF) that day was an important part of the framework. In the future, both sides would cooperate on sharing contents and resources, organization of professional publishing communication events and so on. Meanwhile, more and better Chinese periodicals will be promoted on the global platform, stronger Chinese voice from the cultural industry will be heard by the world, and a successful cooperative example between CNS and FBF will be built for the book and media industries both home and abroad.