9 Publishing houses :
China South Publishing & Media Hunan Education Publishing House, Hunan People’s Publishing House Co., Ltd.,
Hunan Literature and Art Publishing House Co., Ltd.,
Hunan Yuelu Publishing House Co., Ltd.,
Hunan Science & Technology Press Co., Ltd.,
Hunan Juvenile & Children’s Publishing House Co., Ltd.,
Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House Co., Ltd.,
Hunan Electronic Audio and Video Publishing House Co., Ltd.,
Democracy and Construction Publishing House Co., Ltd.
1 China South Publishing & Media Hunan Publishing Center (Branch Company) ;
3 Contents planner (Shanghai Insight Media Co., Ltd., China South Booky Culture Media Co.,Ltd., and Hunan Tianwen Animation&Comics Media Co., Ltd.).

China South Publishing & Media Group publishes nearly 10,000 books per year. 5 affiliated publishing houses were selected as one of the Top 100state level 1publishing houses. Its published textbooks hold the highest market shares among textbooks produced by other local publishing groups. Within these textbooks, the Mathematics textbook was introduced to Taiwan Region of China, which represented a pioneering event during the cross-Strait cultural exchange. In addition, the Geography and History textbooks were introduced to Macau and South Korea respectively. It was the first time that the Chinese textbooks went abroad and hence has become a symbolic event in the publication history of China. The overall market share of general books of China South Publishing&Media Group ranks 4th place in domestic market, within which the market shares of books on pop science, the classic masterpieces, essay writing and artistic collections keep standing first in the national segmented markets. China South Publishing & Media Group is leading among national publishing groups in terms of the numbers of the received major national awards, namely the national “Best Works Award”, “Chinese Government Award for Publication” and “Chinese Excellent Publication Award”, as well as the quantity of outputted copyrights.


4 distribution companies:
namely Hunan Xinhua Bookstore Co., Ltd.,
Hunan New Teaching Material Co., Ltd.,
Hunan Jia Hui Education Book Publishing Ltd.,
Hunan Joint Education Publication Distribution Co., Ltd.

Inside Hunan Province, with Hunan Xinhua Bookstore Co., the main body, China South Publishing & Media Group has built a massive chain operation platform and logistics network covering the whole provincial market, making Hunan Xinhua Bookstore the largest chain operation company for publications and stationery commodities in Hunan and Top 6in this regard in China.Outside Hunan Province, with Hunan New Teaching Material Co., Ltd. as the main body, the Group has been promoting the cross-regional operation and established a provincial distribution platform covering the whole Chinese market. With great effort, the textbooks published by China South Publishing&Media Group have been distributed in27 provinces(municipalities/ autonomous regions) in China. The Group ranks Top 1 in regards to market share, sales revenue and profits among local publishing groups in China.


1 printing company (Hunan Tianwen Xinhua Printing Group Co., Ltd.)
1 printing material supplying company (Hunan Printing Materials Co., Ltd.).

Hunan Tianwen Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd. mainly operates publications printing, newspapers printing, package printing, bill and receipts printing, anti-counterfeit printing, digital printing and imposition printing, etc. With the successful acquisition ofKaiji Printing(Shanghai)Co., Ltd., Hunan Tianwen Xinhua Printing keeps upgrading its printing technique and developing new business patterns such as environmental-friendly printing and digital quick printing. It has been working on building national green printing base, and has obtained honorary titles like “China’s First Batch of Green Printing Enterprise” and “The Model Printing Company” in Hunan Province. The overall strength of the company ranks first among all the Xinhua Printing corporations and 26th place among all the domestic printing companies.Hunan Province Printing Materials Co., Ltd is the largest printing materials supplier, with an annual output reaching RMB 900 million.


3 companies to operate 15 magazines, 3 websites and 2 newspapers.

Happy Elderhas become the most widely circulated newspaper for the aged readers in China and hence was listed in the Top 100 popular post office subscription newspaper. Morning Weekly is the most widely circulated and influential magazine in Hunan Province. Tian Man Magazine holds the highest market share in China’s light novel market.

China South International Exhibition Co., Ltd,Xiaoxiang Morning Herald’s branch company, has successively planned and held China(Changsha) International Automobile Exhibition for eight times, making it the largest automobile exhibition in central China and one of the most influential exhibitions in China. The national market share of Red Net ranked the 9th place among national news websites and the first among the local news websites. It is also the only network media which successively received first prize of China News Award for 3 years. Collaborating with Tencent, China South Publishing&Media Group operates HN.QQ.Com, which now has become the most influential daily-life portal site in Hunan Province.


1 Company engaged in digital publication, that is, Tianwen Digital Media Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd..

With an total investment of RMB 320 million from China South Publishing & Media Group and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Tianwen Digital Media Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. prioritizes on the markets of digital education, digital reading for mass market as well as learning service for governments and enterprises.With regard to digital education, a strategic cooperation on constructing an innovative teaching platform and e-schoolbag application system with integration of triple-networks (which refers to telecom, TV broadcasting and Internet) has been reached with China Broadcast Corporation(“CBC”) . Their collaboration also contains the development and product trial of the e-schoolbag in the test area, with which the test area would be constructed into a national demonstration base.

In regards to popular reading, Tianwen Digital Media is making effort to establish the China South Digital Resource Archive. It also developed good relationships with the mobile reading bases of China’s three main telecommunications operators and secured the first place in the China mobile reading base’s MCP ranking among all the traditional publishing groups(and companies).

As for learning service for governments and enterprises, Tianwen Digital Media has secured orders worth over ten million yuan. The company has also been appointed as deputy leader of national ebook content standards program, where the company operated several major national scientific research subjects and participated in the development of ebook standards system.


1 Financial company affiliated to China South Publishing&Media Group, namely Hunan Publishing Investment Holding Group Financial Co., Ltd.

The financial company, established with a total investment of RMB 1 billion from Hunan Publishing Investment Holding Group and China South Publishing&Media Group,is the first financial company in the cultural industry of China. Aiming to provide professional financial service for the Group, the financial company is making effort to build itself into the Group’s capital center, accounting center as well as capital operation center. Currently, it has been qualified to handle businesses including deposit inducement, loan, financing lease, bill acceptance, discounting of bill, guarantees, entrusted loans and investment, insurance agents, financial and financing consultancy, etc. The financial company will synthetically employ multiple financial instruments and optimize allocation of resource and funds to boost the overall strategic development of the whole Group.