CNS join hands with PEARSON

In the evening of September 8, CNS issued an announcement that a strategic cooperative framework has been signed with PEARSON education, the largest education group in the world. Deep cooperation will be conducted regarding to teaching materials of primary education, digital education products, international education and so on. According to analyst, the most leading digital education solutions in China and the world is a common goal of both sides. As cooperation moving forward, their cooperation on capital also worth expecting. 

PEARSON is the largest and best education publisher in the world with 60% income from digital publication of textbooks and services. And China has become its third largest market and Chinese is the second largest group of its employees. CNS, a company made the earliest investments and input into online education in China, built a joint venture with HUAWEI on January 19 in 2011, namely, Tianwen Digital Media Group, with a registered capital of 320 million RMB.

It can be seen from the cooperation that their aim is to set the benchmark for China’s online education. First, they seek cooperation on developing digital education theories and building standards, which will help China’s education and publication march forward faster and better at the top level. Second, they target at primary and middle school textbook market. CNS enjoys abundant clients and distribution channels while PEARSON boasts advanced philosophy, framework, textbooks and resources. Third, they will work out the most leading digital education solutions suitable for China and the world. Fourth, they also discuss about cooperation in international market, and face the possibility in capital cooperation. 

Under the framework, CNS will utilize its advantages and influence in Chinese market, acting cooperation agent and popularize PEARSON’s renowned educational products, include but not limited to textbooks, teaching materials, assessments and training methods in English, science and other subjects. Besides, new powerful brands and products could be made at the same time. Taking advantage of CNS’s experience and resources in domestic education, combined with PEARSON’s experience in establishing international standards of education and digital education, original edition textbooks will be imported, textbooks and teaching materials be tailored for Chinese market, leading brands for education be created. What’s more, cloud platform will be formed for integration of good quality resources, services and products such as application of big data, digitized products, STEM, international assessment system of English, teaching staff training. Tianwen Digital Media Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd, located in Longgang district of Shenzhen city, is a service provider that can radiate other regions. As for international market, both sides should develop a new mode for capital cooperation. Support will be provided for innovative projects in educational sector through using capital leverage and feeding information and experience. An inclusive and visionary layout responding to domestic and international related businesses’ further development requirements will be arranged. For example, an online system for international high school study that synchronized with that in US and UK. 

 Analysts point out that online education market worth 90 billion RMB in 2015, 200 billion RMB in 2017. The cooperation between CNS and PEARSON right before the outburst of the market stands as an important coordinate for digitized Chinese education, and marks a jumbo player entering in the market.